Own Brand

We produce your own brand for you - including labelling with your logo.

How the 'Own Brand' production works

Would you like to commission your completely individual own brand? Then we are the right partner. In our plant we directly produce your brand in accordance with your own specifications and at the same time also take over the desired brand labelling with your company logo and despatch. Since we are able to carry out all working processes on-site you can count on your project being completed promptly. So you have your hands on your own brand shortly after.

K&K Petfood GmbH is known for its quality products but also for its special services. Our competent team works hand in hand with our cooperation partners. Only in this way can we realise individual customer requirements professionally in the short-term. Customised, reliable and punctual.

Our references:

  • www.puromenu.es (Spanien)