Frostfutter Perleberg®

Frostfutter Perleberg® is the own brand of K&K Petfood GmbH and your specialist for premium pet food with guaranteed quality.

The product portfolio contains frozen food, chewing products and food supplements for dogs and cats, including natural products, premium menus, special BARF specialities as well as sample and complete packages.

When making up the pet food we always pay attention to the ideal mixture of nutrients and minerals and vitamins - tailored to the requirements of the pet depending on the time of year. In this respect K&K Petfood GmbH consults the expertise of vets and canine nutritionists.

The advantage: All products are produced by the company itself, especially with premium meat from the company's own slaughterhouse (Schlachtbetrieb Perleberg GmbH).

Frostfutter Perleberg® stands for a particularly high product quality and pet food that is species-appropriate. The ingredients are extremely fresh, health and valuable, since we abstain from using synthetic colourants and additives. Because the well-being of our four-legged friends is close to our hearts!

It doesn't get any better! Only the best for your little darling! Specialties & Highlights

The product range of Frostfutter Perleberg® also includes specific specialities such as the innovative dog ice-cream and well-proportioned dog hamburger. Additional highlights: healthy drinks for more vitality and energy as well as the BARF-Pearl-MineralVitPowder for a balanced diet.

  • Fresh frozen food
  • BARF menus that are species-appropriate
  • Diversified packages
  • Valuable food supplements
  • Healthy chewing products