About Us

What we offer: genuine quality products and maximum level of transparency.

What we did to get here

For more than 11 years now our Perleberg slaughterhouse has proven its special competence on a daily basis. The meat mainly comes from QA-certified companies and is considered to be a guarantee for the highest quality. In the middle of 2011 the idea to use premium meat directly onsite emerged, to produce products of first-class quality. And so K&K Petfood GmbH began production of its renowned frozen food, premium chewing products and exclusive pet food supplements.

Freezing raw meat is a matter of trust. Although it is not only important to know where the primary materials come from, but also whether it is processed properly in a expertly and hygienic manner. Our Perleberg livestock slaughterhouse is considered to be an expert in its field and has many years of experience in handling meat as a food product. This know-how does not only impress us but also our customers.

Quality with a capital Q

One thing is clear: Only premium quality ingredients can make a quality product out of a product! Therefore we mainly use primary products which originate from our slaughterhouse. Our advantage: short chains and extremely short response times. We always know exactly from where the ingredients of our products come.

  • Short chains
  • Quick response times
  • All from one source
  • Quality from A to Z
  • Healthy pet food for highest of demands
  • Composition of pet food that is species-appropriate
  • Synthetic additives not used