About Us

What we offer: genuine quality products and maximum level of transparency.

What we stand for

K&K Petfood GmbH is considered to be a guarantee for particularly fresh and healthy pet food. All products in our different segments are carefully selected to meet the needs of our four-legged friends and provide a good balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. 100 % Made in Germany, 100 % quality and 100 % barf-suitable. Different aspects are particularly important to us in the production of our premium products: safety, energy and resource-efficiency as well as sustainability.

Our own slaughterhouse, a motivated team of specialists and last but not least our modern production and logistic facilities ensure without fail that we can guarantee the highest level of quality at all times. During the efficient production process of all of our products we completely abstain from using synthetic additives and are particularly attentive to a pet food composition that is species-appropriate. All production steps are strictly overseen and checked on a regular basis. No wonder K&K Petfood GmbH has been a specialist in premium pet food and unique pet food supplements for more than 11 years - extending far beyond Germany's borders.

  • Species-appropriate pet food in premium quality
  • Sustainability and resources-efficiency
  • Transparency and traceability
  • Primary products, made in Germany
  • Quality assurance and regular controls
  • Extensive customer service

All from one source

We are involved in the production process from A to Z. As a result we are able to offer you the highest level of transparency and short as possible production and delivery times. All work steps are carefully worked out together and are strictly controlled. Only in this way can we manage what our customers want: genuine quality products!

  • Skilled slaughtering at the company's own slaughterhouse
  • Meticulous production using state-of-the-art technology
  • Immediate portioning and freezing
  • Secure packaging to maintain the cold chain
  • Reliable and punctual despatch
  • Production at human resources level