About Us

Who we are

K&K Petfood GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers in Germany for frozen food, chewing products and pet food supplements. The company's objective is obvious: to fulfil the highest of quality standards without fail.

What we stand for

We guarantee the maximum level of quality, quantity and fresh premium products that are species-appropriate and made in Germany. We also provide traceability of the primary products used right up to the farmer, as well as extensive customer service.

What we did to get here

Many years of experience, a competent team and highest requirements lead to premium quality products. At the same time sustainability and resource efficiency is just as important as resourceful and safe manufacturing.

Our Brands

K&K Petfood GmbH oversees different brands, with which it serves the most varied of customer, product, product, price and market segments. Your shared goal is to fulfil the highest of quality standards without fail.

Perleberg Frozen Food

Frostfutter Perleberg® is the own brand of K&K Petfood GmbH and your specialist for premium pet food with guaranteed quality. Read more

Frozen Food Sales

The perfect platform for K&K Petfood GmbH for breeders, retailers and distributors. Read more


eBARF is the premium shop for healthy BARF food of K&K Petfood GmbH. Read more


Our national brand Vriesvoer fulfils the requirements of the market in the Netherlands perfectly. Read more


Our national brand Barf Specialista fulfils the requirements of the Italian market perfectly. Read more


Our national brand Barf Foder fulfils the requirements of the Danish market perfectly. Read more


Our national brand Barf Rawfood operates the market in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Read more

Own Brands

We produce your own brand for you - including labelling with your logo. Read more

Cooperation Partners

With the help of our competent cooperation partners, we are able to produce products of first-class quality. Only through the skilled processing of the best primary products can genuine quality products be created.

Perleberg Slaughterhouse

Since 2007 QA certified, the slaughterhouse is deemed to be Brandenburg's only EU cattle slaughterhouse and is a qualified partner.

P. Maat Livestock Wholesale

Livestock wholesaler P. Maat has regularly supplied us with fresh premium meat for many years now. Professional and reliable.

Farmers from the region

We personally know each individual business operation, so we can always be certain that we get perfect products in terms of quality.

Own product brands

Product Choice

Select your desired products for your personal own brand from our extensive range.


As per your specifications we produce your brand directly in our plant together with brand labelling with your company logo.


Our work processes are performed on-site and are thus produced, implemented and delivered promptly.


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